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Rising Pakistan…


Award Winners of IoT Conference with DG CDA. Special Awards for making POC of " Billo ", working on Voice Recogination exactly like Alexa of Amazon, 100 % made of local stuff, and sensor based Alarm Stick for Blinds sensencing even Fire.

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Solar Bibi


Workshop on Solar Technologies - Options, Challenges, Solutions

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Internet Of Things…


CIT Team organize Committee of Four days Rising Pakistan with Senator Mian Ateeq. Conference is attented by huge Participants from Baluchistan, KP, Sindh, South Punjab, Ajk.

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IoT World Conference


IoT Secrity Secession in Geo IoT World Conference.... find a total new world of Machines talking to Machines about to come in next few months.

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Well Done E-Behawalpur Team. You have really proved that you can make things happen. Congratulations to winners of Gold Medals based on their performance. Well done Abdul Rehman Nasir., you have emerged today as true leader of the Soil and student of Late Yasir Jaffri and Lt Ayaz Khan. Keep it Bravo !!!!!

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London Chapter…


London Chapter of E-Pakistan has been Launched after a very Participary Dinner Meeting in Jahina Hall London. For Women Empower Initiatives in Pakistan through latest Technologies( E-Women ) MS Faiza Rizivi CEO Health Technologies has been nominated as Coordinator. Thank you Dr Ishtiaq, Dr Sohial for all your support for a Cause.

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House Full Secession of E-Women event in CIT HQs on Women Day. Women MNAs, Addl DG FIA, Head of Orgsnizations, NGOs and many more with NINE Remote Connections including Quetta, Peshawar and Giglit etc where E-Women were there to listen to experts on ' Cyber Security For Women ' in Pakistan. I believe this is a Step towards their TRUE Empowerment.

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Successful launching of Initiative Code for E-Pakistan. This group would focus on software for greater good.

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Launching ceremony of E-Balochistan ... Thank yiu Givernment of Balochistan, specially Secretary IT NGOs, Civil Society , Universities, Women Chambers and Technology Partners.

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Meeting With Chief…


Honored to meet Nawab Sana Ullaha Zahri Chief Minister Boluchistan in Islamabad. He has promised to extend cooperation in implementation of E-Boluchistan being launched on 11th Feb in Quetta.

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Training Secession with Early Child Education Network in Serena Quetta. Focus is E-Education

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Meeting with Mr Mohsin Ali GS Blind Welfare Association of Balochistan... Way forward is E-PWD

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